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Tillsammans med Kristina Müntzing
Malin Bogholt (born 1970) lives and works in Gothenburg. She studied at Valand Academy from 1993-1998 and has also studied at Kanazawa College of Art in Japan in 1997.
Malin’s work has been shown at Kalmar Art museum, Dalslands Konstmuseum, Hammarkullen Konsthall, Galleri Cluster in Berlin and Varberg’s Konsthall/Hamnmagasinet. This summer her sculptural work,”Balancing Act”, commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden and Värnamo municipality for Gummifabriken in Värnamo, was unveiled.
Malin Bogholt works with sculptural works in abstract form which pose questions on human actions and existence. The starting point of the works is the relationship between the inbuilt stories of the material and how the work is set. This, together with how the observer moves around the room, creates a unity.
Kristina Müntzing (born 1973) lives and works in Malmö. She studied at Valand Academy from 1996-2001 and took a Master of Fine Arts at Goldsmith’s College, London in 2002. Kristina’s work has been shown at Kunst Werke in Berlin, Kiasma in Finland, Göteborgs Konstbiennal, Shiryaevobiennenalen in Russia and at other art galleries in Sweden and abroad.
In Kristina Müntzing’s woven pictures, we explore the history of the textile industry and the blossoming of the early socialist movement. Using the secret language of the textile workers, Mee-Mawing, which combines mime, lipreading and sign language, she develops a choreography for radical weavers, in which working bodies speak using movement and entanglement.
One might say that both artists think with their hand’s work. Historical pictures and everyday objects are dismantled, shredded, stripped of their bark or torn up, to then be reconstructed as sculptures and woven collage.
From representative and figurative, the materials are first reworked to become abstract fragments and then return again to an aesthetic form which is loaded with new meaning or is open to interpretation by the observer. While hands work to pick apart and reconstruct the material, thoughts work simultaneously to deconstruct and reinvent the meaning of the works and pictures.
Skulpturen Dekonstruktion roterar, skuggar och blir en del av filmen Mee Mowing performance lab. av Kristina Mûntzing